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  1. People don't see it yet but this game is going to be the blue print for a lot of what's to come on next gen consoles. I can also see other game directors taking ideas from this game to give future games a more open free experience game play. And we're witnessing it here

  2. Concept of the wrong game. Darwinism is one of the biggest lies ever told … just like Apollo 11 and going to the Moon. The theory of evolution is so weak and flawed …

  3. At first I wasn’t interested at all because I thought it was just a newly themed survival rogue like game, but now I’m so in. I love how you progress via knowledge, and that knowledge is both in game and for you as a player as well. Survival games are tedious for me , but this looks more like a puzzle game on a grander scale to me, very dope preview, thanks!

  4. This game looks incredible.
    The only reason I won’t be buying it however, are the large snakes.
    I refuse to buy any game with large snakes (I’m terrified of them).

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