DJI Ryze Tello Drone – Is the camera any good?

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In this short review, I focus on the camera and video quality of the DJI Tello drone.

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  1. i love tello because of the stability flight ,like the cam but hate the connection to the phone because the video jump one or two seconds to the next video frame.I would like the drone have a sd card inside!

  2. The camera doesn’t skip if you follow the directions. There’s another video showing how to connect properly to get camera not to jump frames. Your welcome

  3. Check out TelloFpv app for android. Adds return to home, usb gamepad controllers, tuning for expo and rate, dual rate, fpv trainer mode with dual controllers, advanced video settings to reduce frame drop, …

  4. I try cleaning the lens with a Qtip cleaners with windex and it seems like a ruin the camera lens. The picture,video and what I see on my iPad screen looks foggy. I try cleaning but the hole is to small. Any idea how to take it apart and clean the lens. A video would be nice. There’s nothing on YouTube

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  6. What caught my attention to this drone is that it is more than a done. The thing is a good tool as an introduction to programming.

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