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  1. Program Guide:
    6:00 – Fast food is going further and further downhill.
    16:38 – Viewpoint on the Civil War in Libya and recent escalation.
    24:00 – Main Discussion, are Smartphones Harmful for Kids?
    46:37 – State of Hungry Howies Pizza
    50:37 – Sea Monsters
    59:00 – Jammu & Kashmir
    1:01:44 – Stigmatization of Mental Illness

  2. US fast food is something else. We don't have much of a fast food culture in Scandinavia, and as expressed by the Danish McD of the year winner times 3; their largest competition is the home kitchen. Eating fast food is borderline entertainment, and that's why all our items at McD are intensely unique.

    Tacobell/KFC sells the exact same 5 things in different wrappings. Every new item is a new take on the exact same item. I was tired of the chains after tasting 1/3 of the 'big and famous' meals because they are the same things tossed around. I mean fuck sake, the "fries" of Tacobell is a generic taco with two ingredients thrown in. McD's "artisan" items are the closest I've seen to proper unique campaign meals of Europe.

    I don't think fast food is on a decline in general; it's on a decline in the US. You're used to it. You eat it. There's no reason to invent the next big thing. We only just recently got Carl's Jr here a few years ago, and they're already hugely popular because "Woah, it's like in the US!". Yet, it's more burgers. Boring-ass burgers. A single Tacobell here would instantly have monopoly on that genre of food compared.

    Your fast food reviews were interesting until I visited California and saw how lifeless these exclusives are. Seasonal items are the same as the usual with a hint of spice. Fast food chains need to face proper competition. For the American culture to motivate cooking at home again, but it won't. It's far too lucrative and easy to invest and buy fast food. There's no real immediate fix.

    Honestly, after having tasted most of the American fast food chains, the food is as difficult to review as water or energy drink (hint hint). It's majorly the same.

  3. I don't know if you read these comments but I am one of those guys who like to listen to your radio show (on youtube) when I go to bed. I listen and often i can't get to sleep because I wanna hear more. However the other day, I fell asleep and it autoplayed your previous shows. So your voice was always present when I was a sleep, so naturally I dreamt about you. I dreamt about i was trying to talk to you but you kept interrupting, never letting me get a word in. In my dream I was thinking "SO RUDE" but in reality, it was your constant voice from my device that I was hearing while I was asleep. lol

  4. Young children CAN still have a pre-smart phone, pre-tablet early childhood.
    I know because we have done this with our young kids, and as a result they could read and do math before a day of kindergarten, they're healthy heights and weights, they play happily together, they like to help clean up the house and cook, and they can tell you how maple syrup is made or what a female cardinal looks like! And they are incredibly patient and well behaved in stores and restaurants. (Once, a stranger paid for our dinner because the kids were so well behaved and none of us were staring st screens)

    The key is to not spend ten hours a day in front of your own screens.

    You have to invest a lot more time and attention, which takes real effort. But you CAN do it, and they're only small for a few years.
    Play with your kids. Read to them.
    Go outside and into the sun.
    Play games. Do projects. Make a snowman or a sandcastle or a mud pie or a windowsill garden in old yogurt containers. If you're looking for free things to do, try local libraries! They have lots of resources. My kids get free STEM classes, discounts to local zoos and museums…they can even borrow birdwatching kits and a microscope kit with slides! Many libraries now have a collection of objects you can borrow as well as the traditional books and movies!

    Don't let the internet and the tv raise your kids. You can do it!
    And you'll be glad you did.

  5. Your life style will be detrimental to your health. Stop eating garbage bruh!! It's not rocket science that fast food causes cancer and atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis begins in early age as a natural process related to food, genetics, environmental factors, etc…If you eat garbage expect this process to go into hyper mode. In the end many skinny people suffer from aneurysms, myocardial infarction, and diabetes. Pull the plug on your lifestyle dude…

  6. Parents who allow their children to use or have a phone very young aren't helping their children's growth at all. Seeing a two year old baby with a dependence on a smart phone screaming and crying because he can't have the phone anymore is a very jarring experience. Parents just need to parent their kids, and not allow their child to grow dependent on the internet for entertainment and quick gratification to the point that it's an addiction for the child.

  7. Lately when I watch your videos, all my adds are for travel to Nova Scotia. Makes supporting you by watching the whole add a pleasure, which is nice

  8. You just helped me remember my childhood dream of opening a cafe. I love to cook and people are always noting that the restaurant/fastfood industry has been declining. A lot of people like my cooking and come around when I'm going all out on a big dinner. It's surprising how food can put people in a good mood or lift their spirits when good company and conversation are part of it. My dream kind of got away from me after college. I'm 29 now, got my hands full but one day!

    Love the microphone by the way! The background sounds are subtle and cozy.

    Great topics to contemplate and discuss. Powerful stuff!

  9. Come to Oregon and try Burgerville fast food. They use all natural beef with no hormones or antibiotics and the cows are treated right and raised on pastures. It’s a little more expensive than a small McDonald’s burger but the beef will blow your mind

  10. Dude thank you for covering Libya in an honest way. Sadly, very few journalists in corporate media have the courage to admit the mess that US foreign policy has caused there.

  11. The talk about making mistakes being normal really made me feel lifted, I'm super hard on myself and really needed to hear that! ♡

  12. They already cleared that up about the fast food and said that millennials prefer I don't know I guess slower food lol like Chipotle, Moes, Field of Greens, stuff like that. You're literally watching the slow death and decline of fast food. It won't last very much longer.

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