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  1. I find it histerical that with the last movie, the amount of fan theories people were jumping on board with, hoping that Snoke was Sidius or Sidius would show up as Snoke's Master etc and now there's a strong hint that Sidius will be in this one, everyone's throwing their toys out the pram…….WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT??? hahahaha

  2. I’m not even going to lie to y’all I came into this trailer ready to sh*t all over it because of the failure LJ was but after hearing Palpatine laugh I’m excited as hell for this movie now

  3. uhhhhhhhh do lightsabers no longer cut through bodies as effortlessly?
    like wtf uf you dont have a lightsaber to parry it pretty effortlessly cuts through anything it isn't just gonna lift a man then slam him down!

    can cut down droids and limbs like butter barely cuts a man in fabrics

  4. Me before seeing this trailer: I don't know if this will get me excited for Star Wars again.
    Me after trailer:
    Godamm it, take all my money.

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