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  1. Number 6: MGSV: TPP

    "No game in history has rewarded player intelligence so generously"… I've heard that EXACT phrase from four different people.

  2. Not agree i’m sorry. Red Dead redemption deserves a better place. Fortnite…really? It’s truly a hit but not one of the best of PS4 in my opinión ?

  3. Soooo we not gonna talk about how Tetris got Ranked above AC: odyssey, Nier: Automata, Monster hunter: world, Guacamelee 2, and Darks Souled remastered.

  4. Neir Automata is one of the biggest underrated game of 2017. If you got time and money I highly recommend the GOTY addition which cost around $40. You will not be disappointed

  5. Fortnite is above Monster Hunter, SoTC, Overwatch, Dark Souls=Re, and The Last of Us?
    Thanos I choose you! Use Snap, Thanos!

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