Bitcoin Chart Analysis / Talk April 10 – BTC USD

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About the Author: JD Marshall


  1. Jd I do like your analysis but it’s a very big world out there and bitcoin is the first really world wide market…there really is only 21 million btc I do think it is a bubble but maybe the mother of all bubbles it’s could still hit 50-100k and then crash forever

  2. I feel like after it makes its corrective move to the upside, you will be saying it's a bull market, then it will start going down and after a while you Wil say it's a bear market. I feel like you are more reactionary than predictive. You didn't predict any bump up here, you were saying 100% bear.

  3. James I disagree about timing for Bitcoin back up. Unfortunately, crypto market is completely controlled by an individual or group of individuals. It seems that that person or group is interested now to push it up, and if they really want they can move it back to 20k within few months

  4. I agree. I think institutions went long and pumped the price. Greedy bastards. But your right. People show the charts from the last 10 years then act like it's guaranteed to follow that same pattern. According to them one more dump before the golden cross then we go on a 4 year bull cycle. Whales could pump and dump this market at will. Not to mention they want to sell courses showing how to trade crypto. I made the mistake of listening and buying dips the whole way down. Glad I only put in what I could lose. Not that I want to lose anything. But being new to markets I got caught up in the hype

  5. I just read an article that said institutions went long right before the pump. Could a whale or institution take a long position then pump the price and vice versa? Making huge gains?

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