Bitcoin Correction Live Technical Analysis | Thursday April 11 2019

Live Technical Analysis of April 10 and 11 bitcoin price correction. While recent predictions called for higher levels from the Flaming Candle Bull Flag, the RSI, OBV, MACD indicators had been showing bearish divergences. Let’s review the top formations and the price breaks, and learn bitcoin technical analysis with this live trading case study!

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Live bitcoin news on price charts – Monday April 8 2019
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  1. Nice one. Looks like it's bouncing off 5000. I don't intend to sell any btc till late 2020 sometime but watching the short term is interesting anyway. When I do cash in some btc I'll keep it below 38k annually so I'll owe no income tax (according to the IRS rules on long term capital gains). I don't intend to have any income next year other than BTC. Right now I'm in the process of retiring (11 years early) from my mechanic job, selling my assets and my house, then escape the insanely high cost of medical insurance here in the states by moving to another country. I'll try Mexico first. I've already got my passport. I could live in many of the nicer places in mexico until retirement age just on what I can get for the house. I do plan to liquidate some of my 2015 bitcoins next year though, whether I need it or not, but I'll keep it under the point where I pay income tax. I have an ax to grind with the IRS and the Money printing federal reserve, so I do what I can to minimize how much money I pay into their system.

  2. We will get a moonshot to 6500-6800 tomorrow. Ethereum to 260-280. Your flaming candle is still valid. I was going to post a comment yesterday that it would come down to 5000 first but they were disabled on that video. Btc is running off the textbook.

  3. Talk about a massive fake out..macd just crossing for another big run on 4hour..and poof! Now is heading south…when this finds support and rallies back up…it's going to have alot of buyers. thanks for the update…it's very good.

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