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  1. Imagine if Finn is Luke's son, in a twist and the staff belonged to Plageuis and he ignites it at some point in the movie using the force as a light saber.

  2. They are ending the trilogy until a more powerful corporation decide to buy the franchise and then decide make another three movies.

  3. I'm calling it now The Rise of Skywalker is about Kylo and he will be the one to save the day in the end not Rey. I think Rey will die trying to redeem Kylo, Kylo will turn to the light and beat whatever big bad JJ Abrams comes up with.

  4. So literally everything every Jedi did before now was all for Rey. She's literally the last Jedi at the start of this movie and every Jedi before her only existed so that she could be who she is. Everything you ever loved only existed for the new Mary Sue.

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