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  1. Palpatine was Anakins kill, from ep 1 to 6 he was the chosen one set to kill him. So now after that huge and perfect ending of ep 6 disney does this haha not hating, but they butchered star wars

  2. I’m hyped but not too hyped so when it comes out, and if it just so happens to be as bad as the last Jedi (My opinion) I won’t be that disappointed

  3. i'm confused how people keep getting there hopes up for literally nothing, the trailer barely showed anything at all. Just vague dialogue with no context and a laugh at the end to say ''Hey guys, remember it's a character that you liked in another movie''.

  4. I hated the Last Jedi, but am intrigued by the new trailer. I’m cautiously interested. But can we finally admit that the division over TLJ was it’s frustrating plot and not “muh diversity!”? Everyone is fine with what the new characters are, we just think the story could be better. Sheesh.

  5. I feel like the people who hated this movie and have an opinion are mad at people who thought the movie wasn’t that bad is weird. And then they get mad at IGN having their opinion by calling them haters and getting mad at that too. None of this should really matter, at the end of the day it’s all opinions.

  6. Are… are they really SW fans if they're excited about Palpatine possibly returning? That would just undo the original trilogy, and pretty much SW at the core.

  7. 1:25 "I saw it three times and I tried to like it the second time"

    Why would you go watch it for a third time if you didn't enjoy it the second time ?! ?

  8. I’m definitely excited. However, I’m not going to allow myself to get as hyped as I was for The Last Jedi before it released. The disappointment was ridiculous. Granted, J.J. Abrams coming back and delivering story beats and elements that were left either unresolved or still had room to grow, while blending them all together with the new era is shaping up for a potentially fantastic finale.

  9. Last Jedi was garbage because of poor writing and leftist politics. You can name call all you want. It won't change the truth.

  10. I watched the trailer and felt nothing for the first time watching a Star Wars trailer. They don’t understand what made Star Wars so beloved in the first place.

  11. I get that IGN, as a corporate media company, feels the need to defend other corporate media companies, but insulting your viewers can one day lead to the same fate as other, now defunct, corporate media companies like Gawker.

    As a result, I hope you will continue calling people "haters," "trolls," etc. for daring to criticize Disney films. You will deserve your fate.

  12. The Rise of Skywalker gives me a glimmer of hope that the Sequels won't ALL be bad. But I will be far more critical going into this movie than the others. I've already been duped twice.

  13. You guys get really defensive. The title means people that hate the last jedi. It's just shorter to put Last Jedi Haters. Acting like it's some offensive insult.

  14. Last jedi was okay except the middle scene where kylo and Rey were talking and not much action for luke do and as for the director of last jedi I will come for you and I will murder you son of a b####

  15. I hate the last Jedi for really only 2 things

    1: Rey’s entire existence as some OP protagonist for no reason

    2: they butchered luke skywalker like an innocent lamb.

    3: I didn’t list 3 things I don’t like but the whole Rose x Finn side plot wasn’t really needed and rose as a whole only existed to save him at the very end.

    I really liked 2 things in the movie tho

    1: the entire saber battle in the throne room was entertaining got to see kylo actual be cool.

    2: the lightspeed suicide bomb.

  16. Palpatine is back????? It’s like watching a Mexican Soap Opera. Sigh… I think Dr. Drake Ramoray from Days Of Our Lives will be on this movie.

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