When $8000 BTC? Bitcoin Technical Analysis + Monfex upto 50x Leverage Trading

With the Bullish momentum on BTC and the crypto space in general, when can we expect to see $8,000 Bitcoin again? Is it even in the charts for the near future? Mark will walk us through what he’s seeing and if BTC continues to move positive, where & when the first targets for 100% gain should be based on the charts today.

Mark is an active trader on the ACB team and a technical analyst. He is not a professional financial advisor. You should do your own research before investing and should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

Monfex cryptocurrency trading platform offers 12 coins vs. USD, open long and short positions, and the power of up to 50X leverage.
Monfex provides tight spreads and low commissions!
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  1. I'm an elderly gentleman, closing in on 68 years of age. My son introduced me to Crypto in late 2012. After doing a lot of researching Btc I felt strongly that It had a lot of growth and potential ahead of it. So my son introduced me to a platform and I started trading in January 2017, pulled $5,000 from my IRA and bought Btc at $420.44 and have never looked back since. The sweetest sound that I've ever heard was the ease of withdrawal from the platform. That was as satisfying a note as there ever was on any musical scale. Nothing but happy days ahead since. Don’t get me wrong, there have been bumps in this Crypto highway, the demise of the Silk Road, Mt Gox, DAO hack to name a few but as a HOLDer (holding on for the long duration) not a HODLer (hanging on for dear life) and not day trading, has rewarded me with quite a decent profit. It just takes a lot of patience (Sisu) and doing your research with due diligence. I have since invested in Ethereum,bitcoin,litecoin and Monero e.t.c, contact my son (davislingardcrypto@gmail.com)for more details

  2. what level of investor are you speaking to? you cover SO much theoretical methods, and make NO conclusive summary nor forecast. so what exactly and you presenting and to whom? yiu appear schizophrenic. narrow your message, perhaps even introduce the data as useable by X level of understanding. pfffft.

  3. Great video ? I appreciate details and analysis you gave I ran into a video February earlier this year I saw some people talking about smith good work praising him some said he changed there life and good impact so I messaged him and he really changed my life too I Invest with smith and I got 16BTC into my wallet this is real and legit all thanks to aicsmith signals and strategies you can reach him on hangouts/gmail <aicsmith53@gmail. Com> or +1 260-468-7657 he’s so reliable.?

  4. I really can’t see us breaking the 6k (approx) resistance for the rest of this year? Regardless of the amazing fundamentals.
    Beyond that point, buckle up!! ?

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