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On July 13, 2017, DRL teamed up with the Guinness World Records to break the record for fastest drone in the world.

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DRL is the first professional race series for FPV drone racing. The Drone Racing League brings the world’s best pilots together to fly the “DRL Racer 2” quadcopters head-to-head through new exciting neon-lit race courses. Drone Racing is the sport of the future, and you can find all of the full races, crashes, and competition on and here on


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  1. You failed! It crashed! I can shoot my drone out of a cannon and claim I have the world fastest drone. If you can’t fly and land without failure, you failed! You can check Chris Draugel break the world record with his 6” chameleon on 6s. The sound it makes alone tells the truth! He makes several runs and lands. Drone still flying strong today.

  2. Just a heads up! The descriptipn states that this is a 2" quad. Obviously this is just a typo but I figured I'd let you know. I WISH 2" quads went this fast haha. Maybe some day!

  3. What a load of bullshit. The numbers don't add up anywhere. 10s on those motors doesn't give 43.000 rpm. More like 100.000 rpm. And trust me, they wouldn't survive or sync. Maybe they mean 5s2p pack but it sure isn't 10s.

  4. RC cars still ahead. 202mph for wheel driven. 210mph for non wheel driven – both custom chassis but 170mph just broken by a commercially available chassis ? but daaaaaaayyyyyuuummmmmm!!!!!!!!! Awesome 45 seconds. Love the sound these things make. Congratulations on the record!!

  5. Awesome video. Over 180 MPH wow! How were the wind conditions ? That being said, I am on a mission to promote responsible drone use and encouraging all drone racers to get their Part 107 cert if your making money. I did in no time. There so much free and low cost material out there. I just watched some videos on Sectionals, METARS, and TAFS, and there are some really good mobile study and prep exam apps like UAS107 ( and Prepware Remote Pilot ( Both are around $5. I got my cert for $155 (cost of the exam fee and $5 mobile app). I now feel I can fly share my videos and make money with ease without having to worry about the FAA and a fine.

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