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  1. The original upload for some reason wasn't viewable for certain people around the world, let us know if this has fixed your problems!

  2. This sounds great, except for you cannot share VR Garage content.. WHAT?! This would be a game changer and so easy to implement. Just add it Nintendo. It doesn't make any sense to build that ediitor with all its capabilities when you can't share your creations.

  3. My only complaint from the vr kit so far is how fast your arms get tired from holding the screen up to your face. Thankfully it was pretty easy for me to make a ghetto strap out of fabric and velcro for the main vr screen. As for the games, I've already rigged the wind spinner toy con so I can play the balloon shooting minigames with my hands on my desk lol

  4. I just want the goggles. Then, I will have to attach a headstrap to it because the developers were brialliant enough to not do it.
    After that trouble, I can play all first person games. Cheap Minecraft VR lol

  5. I loved the veichle kit, mainly because of the variety of missions and the cross compatibility with Mario Kart. If I had a great experience with the veichle kit, judging by your review, this will probably be added to my wish list!

  6. Can you do a review for mario odyssey and botw when it is released? I would love to see that, also to help decide if I want to buy the kit

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