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  1. What I love about watching this channel is the honest review of how you give details and how us what you like and dislike about the phone. some other channels just seem cheap and fake like they're getting paid to hate a phone. Thank you for being honest Jay

  2. I Love LG
    Got a LG stylo 4 Unlocked version (media/personal phone)
    a LG aristo 3 (business phone)
    And waiting on my V30 to come in ( content creation and sporting phone)

  3. I'm holding off for the one plus 7. Then again my note 9 has been great. Im avoiding the notch era of phones. Not my thing.

  4. It is a very good phone it checks alot of boxes of the average consumer,however price do not justify, even tho the deal you got is a pretty good one.
    But Amazon is Selling the Pixel 3 for $450 to me is the way to go.

  5. Looks good I have the G7 and it's been going good for 10 months. Looked at the S10 but didn't sway me not enough of an upgrade over the s9 for the price point

  6. Hey J how are you doing when I first got my Moto g7 the sound was not that loud but when I got the update on the phone the sound got louder

  7. I just got a LG G8 tonight, upgrading from a Galaxy S7. Dang, smartphones evolved a lot in that time! Gonna take awhile to figure it all out. Personally, I think any Joe Average smartphone user like me would be impressed by any current smartphone. I think reviewers do a disservice by catering to the power user. I'm a music guy, so I look forward to digging into the audio capabilities of the G8. Thanks for the video. I appreciate your thoughts.

  8. First of all, I'm not going to buy the G8 but not because of the phone, it's because I already have an S10+, but if not would have considered it, and probably would have bought it at the price point. Any qualitative differences just would not be worth it. I've watched quite a few reviews, most of the mid sized reviewers like you really like the phone. Most of the larger tech reviewers dogged the phone. Some of them I respect. I won't mention other reviewers out of respect to you and to them. There is no perfect phone, and the vein thing is a gimmick, so guess what, don't use it, you wouldn't notice a difference. Is the Galaxy's and Huawei's nicer looking, yeah. As far as the screen, they're all close and from all the reviews and not having to see the phone I predict its somewhere in the middle. While not a cameraholic, for most shots I would do would be outside and during the day. I don't plan to take pictures of soup cans in a dark room and consider that picture a reason to buy it, especially at the price differences. Hopefully LG will gain sales, it will be discounted by the summer as well as deals by carriers. If I had the choice to pick an S10+. Huawei P30 Pro or the G8 ThinQ at no cost, or at the exact same price, I'd honestly still take the S10+, but if it meant saving close to $300 I'd go with the G8 ThinQ. Next year or so, it will be on my radar.

  9. This phone is real good I mean real good I'm having a blast with it cameras are dope especially that front camera and rear wide Angle ?

  10. I like the color but I dont see enough yet to upgrade from the G7 yet and I am sure the price will go down even more next month, also waiting to see if it has any boot loop issues

  11. The fact that you can do portrait videos with this phone is amazing. LG has really worked on it's cameras for sure. Loved this follow up video. ?

  12. The price on Tmobile honestly can't be beat. You get SO much bang for the buck. LG should just price their devices this way out of the gate unlocked, they would be extremely competitive then.

  13. I've been buying used LGs for years!!! Currently I have a v30 I've been using for almost a year. No issues, only got it for 250 back then. Got one for my dad and my wife. They've been great to us. Lg is underrated which is good for me, I get Flagship phone for 1/4 of the price after the depreciate. Battery life is amazing 6 hours screen on time consistently.

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