PS5 RUMOURS ROUND UP: Release Date, Hardware Specs, Games, Virtual Reality | PlayStation 5

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In this PS5 rumour round up, we look at the latest speculation on the PlayStation 5’s release date, hardware specs, games, and virtual reality. — For more …


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  1. I don't think there's any problem of PS5 to release sooner than we think if it has backwards compatibility especially for PS4 which is already a given at this point. Owning PS5 early means you can still insert your PS4 games disc of some of your favorite and unfinished games, so what I'm trying to say is there's no problem anything with it.

  2. If Sony have half a brain in their head they will make the current-gen PSVR headset compatible with the PS5. As much as I am looking forward to PSVR2, it took a long time for them to establish the VR foothold that they did and they would have to be insane to start from scratch again, rather than picking up where they left off.

  3. Sounded like some guy who read "stuff" on the internet without precise sources, mixing up analysis and opinion very weirdly. You know the 10+ teraflops for ps5 was stated by jason shreier from Kotaku. Im not a youtuber and I found this in one minute…

  4. All playstation console's backwards compatibility would be huge especially if Xbox doesn't have it. The back catalogue for it would be huge.

  5. I bought a ps4 at christmas and im enjoying the extensive catalogue of games. Im interested in what the next generation brings but i won't be buying for a few years yet.

  6. I'm also in no hurry. rather they take their time & make a MONSTER worth upgrading to that won't need Pro Editions etc…

  7. Holiday 2019 isn't too early at all, it would be about right given that would be 6 years after the launch of PS4 and the fact that both Ryzen CPU tech and Navi GPU tech at 7nm will have been out for many months.

    Announcing in 2019 if your not going to release that year makes zero sense from a business perspective, because it would no doubt cause many people that have waited to by a PS4 to delay getting that systems and just wait for the release of PS5, especially given that PS5 is all but confirmed to be backwards compatible with PS4 titles.

  8. 1. Not everyone buys a console at launch.

    2. A new console does not make your current one dissapear.

    My PS1, PS2 Slim, PS3 Slim, PS4 PRO are all working just fine….😒😏.

  9. I dont see it running 4K at 60fps without big dip in graphics. Otherwise what's the point of PC? I rather and would expect Native 4k as a choice running at lock 30fps but 1080p 60fps full on powered up. I mean if I tune my Nvidia 1080 PC up to 4K it eats framerate for breakfast and that was the best card.

  10. I don't know who this dude is but dany to do a substitute right away. It's like hes bored and reading a script and he does not care there is no excitment. Also seriously not ready for PS5? How could you be happy with the PS4 It's a great console but we are living in the stone age at 30 frames per 2nd on all of our games. We need next generation tired of being held back tired of not having true 4K tired of not having 60 frames per 2nd.

  11. I don't think the PS5 is going to make much of a difference to flat games. However, the PSVR 2 is going to be a big jump in quality. I'll be lining up as soon as the PSVR 2 is released.

  12. It will be using AMDs Navi architecture which comes out in about 4 to 6 weeks time. It should have at least 8gb of ram for the UI and hopefully deadicated GPU memory again 8GB minimum if anyone wants great 4k resolution it's going to need it. Hard drive if it's SSD prices are very low at the moment 1TB should be standard but knowing Sony they'll probably add a 2TB mech drive.

    PS5 really needs to push for 60fps 1080p at best but go for 60fps 4k too, I can see 2 console versions for that alone

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