What Actually Happened to Bitcoin?

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2007. Japan. The mysterious man named Satoshi Nakamoto starts working on his new bold idea – a concept of bitcoin. When it appeared, nobody knew how huge it’ll become. The first bitcoin purchase was 2 pizzas! However, right now bitcoin is far from being on top. So what happened?

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How it all started 0:35

The first bitcoin transaction (buying two pizzas!) 1:41

A golden year for bitcoin 2:59

Why everything went downhill 3:19

Wanna get into cryptocurrency? Here’re options to choose from:

– NEO 6:01

– Monero 6:35

– Litecoin 7:13

– Dash 7:51

– Ethereum 8:24

Does cryptocurrency have a future? 9:05

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– On August, 18, 2008 Bitcoin.org was anonymously registered. Just 2 months later Nakamoto published a white paper called Bitcoin – A Peer to Peer Electronic Cash System, explaining the whole idea behind the bitcoin.
– In October 2009 bitcoin exchange rate was finally revealed – 1 dollar equalled 1.309 bitcoins.
– By the beginning of 2011 1 bitcoin was worth 1 dollar. With all the buzz around it 4 months later it was already 31 dollars against 1 bitcoin.
– In April of 2013 it hit the new height of 266 dollars. In November of the same year 1 bitcoin went up to 1.242 dollars!
– By the beginning of 2018, its price beat all the records going all the way up to mind-blowing 13.000 dollars!
– Some countries aren’t fans of cryptocurrency as well, including the US. In 2018 the US Securities and Exchange Commission made it clear that the operators of 2 initial coin offerings must pay fines and restitution.
– Analysts also have another theory for bitcoin fall – the division within the cryptocurrency community.
– NEO reached its all-time peak back in 2017 when it valued about 162 dollars. Today, however, it equals only a little bit over 9 dollars for one token.
– Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency that first came to market in 2014. It’s highly private, safe, and leaves no trace whatsoever.
– Litecoin was created back in 2011 by a former Google engineer Charlie Lee. It’s one of the first cryptocurrencies launched and is even called a “silver to bitcoin’s gold!”
– Dash or as it often called darkcoin was developed in 2014 by Evan Duffield. It’s basically a more private version of popular bitcoin.
– Ethereum is a whole platform run on its own unique token called ether. The pre-sales for ethers were launched in 2014 and the platform itself started working in 2015.
– Bitcoin advocates say that the number of things you can buy with cryptocurrency grows faster and faster.
– Government regulations of cryptocurrency are very important. The more countries accept it, the more comfortable cryptocurrency investors feel!
– Some specialists say that bitcoins can lay a great basis for countries with weak national currency, especially considering the fact that nobody has direct control over their price.

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  1. Worst cryptocurrencies video I have ever seen. Geez. I wonder how many more videos with halfway false Information I have seen from this guy. Makes me wonder… 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  2. When was Bitcoin hacked? Further a great video but btc is never hacked… exchanges are hacked where btc get stolen.. totally something else.

    Thats why I always recommend BRD wallet for buying, storing and trading your crypto

  3. What colapse are you talking about , 10 years ago bitcoin cost was .003 dollars and now is 5000 dollars . The other coins you mentioned lost more 90 % of their value . And the most secured network is bitcoin . You are right about one thing though , you should not put your money on what you dont know as well as you should not make a bias video about what you dont know.

  4. By the way the Bitcoin high was in December 2017 which reached approximately $20,000 not $13,000…. did you fact-check your own false information?

  5. what happened u ask? It's called a correction. There's been numerous similar corrections like this for Bitcoin in the past. Fireworks are coming again… Which will dwarf the $20,000 Dec 2017 all time high. It's called to the road to adoption. And any new technology goes through ups and downs like these in the beginning.

    Also, your video is as NOT as accurate as it should be. Missing key info! Why don't u talk about the Bitcoin Lightning Network which makes transactions pretty much instant! U need to really get your facts straight. Definitely a thumbs down.

  6. Bcash is a SCAM -Stay away from it.
    Bitcoin Blockchain has Never been hacked, it's the safest distributed ledger, no counterfeit BTC, no double spend… Exchangers and wallet providers have been hacked. Today Big financial companies start to offer insured custodial solutions, but the basic rule is "Control your Keys".
    Bitcoin is becoming the Ultimate Store of Value (Gold 2.0) and an instant and nearly free transactions system thanks to layer 2 Lightning Network.
    The last All Time High of $20'000 will be the bottom of the burst after the next All time high which I estimate $100'000 which should happen before two years.
    Recommendation: Educate yourself, Andreas Antonopoulos is great for this, Keep your pocket little change aside to buy for $10 or $100 every week or month, or take 1-10% of your long term savings which you will not need for 2-5 years and buy Bitcoin with it. But Never spend more than what you can allow yourself to loose. Everything shows for a greater adoption therefore Value, but things can eventually go belly up too.

  7. hello.the digits written down shows the all time lows of btc ie bitcoin.
    2012 – $4

    2013 – $65

    2014 – $200

    2015 – $185

    2016 – $365

    2017 – $780

    2018 – $3200
    and at the moment btc is trading at 5088 usd.not bad for a coin which was below 1 usd within some 10 years
    do your research bro and dont give misinformation to a large number of people who are subscribed to you.including ME.

  8. In this day & age, one must have alteast 2-5% of portfolio's share in Bitcoin or Altcoins..a wise investor will never ignore them I reckon!!..I'd take Warren Buffett's with a pinch of salt…you never know he might have packed in quite a few Bitcoins himself while tarnishing it's image in public eye.

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