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  1. I wish they didn't dumb down his character in the latest seasons. He deserved a better death I believe since he was one if the best "players" of the "game".

  2. best character in my opinion. his death could have been executed better but i really enjoy his character to the bitter end. Congrats to Aiden Gillen for being able to portray such a diabolical character

  3. And let's not over look the references to Alister Crowley demonic symbolism that was implemented and the connection with the pagan religions of Game of Thrones. Located in the Great Hall of the Red Keep is the Faith of the Seven star, which depicts the seven gods they worship. The seven deities they worship consist of three males, three females, and one being that is neither male or female and is often times depicted as ‘death’. You’ll notice that this list includes the worship of three women, which is the infamous “Triple Goddess” formula (Maid, Mother, Crone) Game of Thrones is chopped full a satanic an esoteric Doctrine sprinkled with a bit of black magic and sorcery

  4. This took six seasons from season 1 and waited for 7 years and 7 seasons for he Stark's to finally have their revenge on the ones who ruined their lives and we still are waiting for the Lannister to get their punishment for ruining everyone's lives.

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