China To Ban BitCOiN Mining By May 7th!

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About the Author: TruthNeverTold


  1. Nickel is my newest pm that I’m stacking, nickels are 75% copper and 25% nickel, so when you’re getting change ask for nickels!
    It cost the govt approximately 11 cents to make a nickel, this won’t last very long, so stock up while you can.

  2. MERS – mortgage electronic registry system – deeds and titles cannot be located – paper trail gone – MERS has their owns Board of Directors that is overseeing the fraud – the mortgages have been sold over and over and over by the banks for their profit. Where are the Deeds? MortgagenGame – has some information worth checking if you have a death grip (mort gage)

  3. This tells the economic conditions in China is getting worse.They are banning it because The Party doesn't want Chinese to withdraw wealth from their system since most are ignorant and don't know to hold silver or gold,they choose the crypto-shit.When currency fails,people from developed countries won't immediately go into the two,they'll be distracted to go into other delusional assets thinking which will protect their wealth.

  4. If any level headed person simply spent a few hours researching U S. monetary history, they would very likely start ditching their fiat paper for real assets, supplies, or precious metals. The printers of currencies are ALWAYS conspiring to steal people's wealth. Theyve done this for centuries and it continues today. You won't hear about it on any mainstream media source, because these same people own the media. Buy an ounce of silver and think about what it means, if you are just starting out…it could free your mind.

  5. I agree with part of what you say but I still bought a few litecoin (55 of them) when it was down around $30. I'm happy with it as of right now. If they make crypto mining illegal they will just create a black market and probably drive the price up. I agree they are stupid and pointless but i am afraid they are here to stay and describing it as a ponzi scheme isn't totally accurate imo.

  6. Do you know how much energy is wasted by the wothless bankster parasites? All banks buildings, servers, lights…. I bet it's much more than all the crypto mining all across the plane(t)

  7. Is the energy consumption of protecting both fiat paper notes and the 16 digits of everyone's debit and credit cards more extremely wasteful than that for securing the bitcoin network which is why new coins are the reward for bitcoin miners ?

  8. Hmm each time Bitcoin is hit with Chinese crackdowns it crashes. The most recent run was just after China announced its QE. How do you short it ?

  9. I love my US dollars, Bitcoin and my gold. Silver was the most ridiculous garbage I ever purchased. Silver is the big lie to get poor people to buy into someone's delusion of the future.

  10. Bitcoin is a ridiculously retardedly unsustainable load of horse shit. I won't touch it with someone else's hand. Sure their have been some pump and dumpers who made money off it. There have also been some Mafia hitmen who have made money by killing people…that doesn't justify me wanting to do the same.

  11. Bitcoin is deflationary by nature and there are fail safes to keep it that way such as halving rewards to minors every so many years and is decentralized. If there are less minors it will decrease supply and shoot the prices up even more. I am a huge proponent of Silver and PM, but you do not understand Bitcoin or crypto enough to be making these comments. Like it or not, when the fiat dollar dies there will be a crypto currency that takes its place, and I would rather be 5 years to early than 1 minute to late when every one and their brother are fomo-ing in. I will use my bitcoin to 10 fold my precious metal holdings in a year or two.

  12. You need to give up on the Bitcoin is going to zero rant, you sound foolish at this point. Your a silver guy, I get it, so am I, but I also realise that nothing stays the same…

  13. It's a good thing if miners move out of China. It's never good to have crypto mining centralized in one country.

    Bitcoin is not a ponzi scheme. If you think so you don't underestimate the brilliance behind. It has reinvented money and will replace fiat which frees precious metals to be valued in Satoshi's or stand by themselves.

  14. TruthNeverTold, You will never be able to use silver to send someone like Julian Assange a donation. This is the real use case, currently until the tech matures. If you don't address this issue, you are shilling.

  15. The Sheeple will buy Silver when it goes over $30, and at $100, they will really want it…at $500 they will take out loans to buy silver! Meanwhile at $15 Bob Silver is buying.

  16. Silver is energy neutral yes.. But you will never be able to send it worldwide on a censorship proof network. The massive power usage of Proof of Work algorithms like BTC is BY DESIGN to make it impossible to hack by any entity, state or private..

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