DJI Mavic Pro Clone CFly Obtain 3 axis gimbal 1080P HD Camera

Professional Compact affordable Professional Aerial Filming Drone

See the bigger picture, shoot Hollywood style aerial shots with DJI Mavic 2 Pro

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C-Fly Obtain is by far the best DJI Mavic Pro Clone that offers exact same folding design, a 3 axis stabilized Mini Camera Gimbal with a 1080P HD camera and a handful of GPS features that work very well. Company states that by copying the DJI Mavic design, they want to make sure more people can afford what they love but can’t buy. LOL good but lame statement. Anyhow, when it comes to Obtain Drone, it offers some neat features which actually do work and work very well as advertised.

Cfly Obtains has 1080P HD camera with a 3 axis stabilized gimbal that offers very good camera stabilization. Built in GPS+GLONSS system with hover accuracy of ±0.5cm
Built in GPS Module also offers Follow Me features
One key Take off, and land, one key auto return to home and land, and auto return to home and land failsafe features.
Offers point of interest auto circle flight mode
Offers Waypoint feature to fly the set routes using the app.
Two control modes are available, Remote Controller and WIFI Controller. You can fly with your smart device running CFly App or just fly with CFly Radio Control.
Folding Arms for easier storage and transportation, just like DJI Mavic Pro.
6 axis gyro system for smooth and stable flight.

During my test flights, it offered plenty of flight time. Very reliable and safe auto return to home and land, plus a smooth flight performance. It was an absolute joy to fly around and shoot videos and take still shots. The only thing that is a deal breaker for me and many out there is the 1080P camera that is by far the worst 1080P HD camera you will ever find in the market. If CFly can install a better camera and or offer 4K Camera, this Quadcopter, can make DJI Mavic Pro sales go down for sure. But seeing how crappy the videos and still shots are, definitely that is a deal breaker. Apart from crappy video and still shots results, everything else on this drone is absolutely fantastic. It could have made a great Mavic replacement, sadly though for now, camera just breaks the deal here. I hope CFly company can improve the camera system.

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  1. I watch your videos a lot and look to your opinion on drones I may be in the market for. I thank you for this video but I do have a issue. The pictures at the end of your video was not that bad at all and think an average Joe will like the camera quality. I think I will still give it a go. I thank you for all your hard work in bringing us well informative videos.

  2. Assalamoualaikoum.. I'm having problem connecting the Aosenma CG035 with my android that because it's 5.8G wifi..can you please help..I got 2 same drones and same problem.

  3. To be honest, I would not buy this. Here's why: For about $100 more you can get a true DJII Spark, which will be more reliable, and have better footage.

    If you want a drone to practice on, don't spend $300. There are plenty more for under $100. In fact, DJII themselves now sells a Tello, which is $99 for just that purpose.

  4. I can’t believe a Clone cost $500! I bought a Mavic Pro on eBay for $650 used only twice and it looks like it came straight from the box. Everything works perfect so i just can’t imagine buying a clone for 1/2 the price of the actual DJI Mavic Pro.
    If it was a $100 -$200 maybe just to add to my collection.

  5. Nice job Ali – thank you for taking time to share. I subscribed.

    By the way – where are you flying at ?
    I noticed no traffic – plenty of sand but no beach)) also no traffic.

    So where in BFE are you at?

  6. Thanks for the review but I get the impression it's one of those "you get what you pay for" situations. The DJI drone is certainly much higher quality but this Obtain seems to worth the money it costs too.

  7. Subbed! I actually watched the whole video, without skipping through. That's entertainment value for sure. If the rest of your videos are this informative, and fun, you my new gadget guy Ali. Thanks, keep it up!

  8. Here my experience; I was not loking for a long distance drone… I was not looking for a 4k camera… i was looking for a foldable drone to carry with me on my trekking to make same stunning video… It worked as designed for 30 minutes total more or less a battery charged one and a quarter… then radio of drone stopped working… no chance to contact Cfly support on any of their mail, and guys, i get a new product with a week lifetime… so the product is good if you r not planning to fly more to 30 minutes or you are luky it will fly more… in case of support request you are strictly alone with an expensive unusable drone!

  9. I'll stick to my mavic Pro. But thanks for showing off the mavic Pro clone. Definitely something good for a beginner that may crash it! I would hate to Crash by mavic Pro. Where is this thing wouldn't be so bad to crash.

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