Facebook Caught Putting CREEPY Subliminal Messages in Virtual Reality Headsets

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Facebook is at it once again, and this time they are putting it right in our faces. This video was instantly demonetized (like most of my videos are) and I REALLY …


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  1. Great video but you have to realize which it sounds like you do, is if your not saved, it’s doubtful you will care. These devices are absolutely perfect for their purpose. Like everything else, distract and and it’s all about
    them. Don’t be discouraged, keep plugging along, we can’t stop what’s coming but we have to be vigilant in the body of Christ to spread the Word when possible and welcome in the new elect. Lastly, I’ve been saved since 2012 and I’m so grateful but it comes with a price while we are here. We have to work for the Lord, if you truly saved and Born Again with the Holy Spirit you need to pray what the Lord needs you to do. Also, don’t be discouraged, your a child of God, if someone is keeping you down, say your piece and move on. Better yet, as Christ said, shake your sandals and move on. God bless!

  2. I get how Facebook is evil. Zuckerberg is evil, they're all evil. I try to put Godly messages, and share these videos on Facebook for my family to see.
    How is YouTube any more innocent than Facebook? It's all ran by the enemy. So…its all what you make out of it. I don't think people "deserve" this to happen to them just because they have Facebook.
    YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, it's all a platform. It's what messages you put out is what's important.
    My family live all around the country, we don't always talk but they can see what I'm interested in and maybe it might spark their interest.
    Idk. I just don't think people should be demonized just for having Facebook. In my opinion, it's hypocritical if you're on YouTube.

  3. This is exactly why I quit using Facebook. It's a total psyop and I knew it from the start. Mark Zuckerberg is just a figurehead. The CIA and other government agencies are behind all social media platforms and people who are asleep are ripe for them to manipulate and control. This is their end game.

  4. A quote from the LifeLog wiki "take in all of a subject's experience, from phone numbers dialed and e-mail messages viewed to every breath taken, step made and place gone"
    For those who haven't heard of "LifeLog", I highly suggest you read both the Wiki and Wired article I have linked below. If any of you have additional articles related to this, I would love some more information.


  5. I got rid of Facebook and it was the best thing I ever did for my mental health. I'm fighting to stay connected to the One True God! Between chemtrails, 5g and poison in our food, it's hard enough, now this garbage. Resist!

  6. I'm an awake believer and against all these evil doer's. But theirs one thing that niggles me. Why go against God when you know your going to lose and face an eternity of pain. These people with all the money and power know something the rest of us don't.

  7. I've been trying to wake people up for over a year and it's a process . Also it's almost impossible if people are in love with all the garbage the beast feeds them . People have to wake up themselves and they usually need a traumatic event of some sort for this to happen.

  8. this comment may be a bit long but I think its important to know: they do this in films. I have seen complilation of how they will make sure actors and scenes have the masonic square and compass symbol on rings on fingers, on ties, on objects etc etc. often it will be swift but they depend on the unconscious taking it all in, and it is exactly like the freemasons pissing all over 'their territory, of especially your psyche!
    Next. You seem to be looking at what's going on from a biblical perspective, because you say 'God's creation'. However anciently before the 'Father' concept of 'God' came to be, there was the metaphor of a Great Mother who births all of creation and is all creation. And when the patriarchal ecults and religions come onto the scene they suppress this more ancient myth. So this is important to know about.
    You talke that this is the 'ushering in of the antichrist'. In reality is it more anti-nature. For as we see they reply on people feeling utterly bored with the natural world sos they look to consumerism and spending all their time with this technology for stimulation.
    They depend on religious conditioning that quilts believers for just being a natural human being, and which claims nature is fallen, until some time in the future, AND also in a secular world where we are supposed to think of ourselves as being robots living in an environment which is just blind, mindless, energy. So BOTh these belief systems work together to make people feel lost and disonnected from nature.
    A BIG reason these same paradigms, the religious and secular forbid people being able to take psychedelics is because psychedelics can break this conceptual wall between us and the natural world. it doesn't mean we would totally reject technology, but we would rather understand nature is alive, and we being nature are utterly interconnected with it, and this would affect a deep radical change in the way we live. The powers that be do NOT want that. Like you say and show, they want us totally cot off from nature… A great book I highly recommend is titled Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon? by Monica Sjoo

  9. They put thoes messages to test how programmed and controlled (Pac) people are and obviously most of the masses are I can tell by how they feed into everything the media says and shows as real facts and they question some stuff in society like the illuminati and corrupt government etc but they still support bcs they confused and lost

  10. I was wondering about Instagram too. I have noticed lately as I am looking at pictures that a dot will appear in the middle, open, close then disappear. A white dot. Almost like they are taking a pic or something. I been telling my husband they are sending and doing stuff on social media. I think we didn’t see before because as we wake further up the truth is in plain sight

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