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  1. Jon being the heir to the throne has nothing to do with sexism. Even if Dany was a man Jon would still be the rightful heir. Jon is the only living child of Rhaegar. Rhaegar was the oldest child of King Aerys II, making him the rightful heir, and as soon as the rightful heir has a child, that child becomes next in succession, above even any siblings of the rightful heir, thats how Line of Succession works.

  2. Jon & Dany should rule 7 kingdoms together as was suggested, but the North would answer to Lord/Lady of Winterfell (Sansa) in absence of rule from Iron Throne.

    And Jon's claim is stronger the Dany's (not counting armies and dragons).

  3. Fact is, Dany has accomplished everything she has because of her dragons and because she's fireproof. Every problem she's run into has been solved because she has dragons (except when she started the fire to kill the Dothraki leaders, which is where the fireproof comes in). Aka, she has only been successful because of her bloodline. Jon does have the bloodline as well, but he wasn't aware of one half, and the other half effectively rejected him. He's had to work his way up and develop and grow. Only now, at the height of his power, does he learn of his bloodline. Dany wants to rule, Jon doesn't, which is why he should.

  4. I don't like how Dany casually threatens Sansa's life for being disrespectful in front of Jon and he literally said nothing, he was just like "… Eh."

  5. Jon for King! Daenerys is crazy, Mad Queen she is. Lmao, also great show, missed this! But it would be much better if these could be longer than 40 minutes, with how much there is to discuss. 😀

  6. I don't care who wins, as long as Daenerys dies. She is just the worst. Her only real qualification for the throne was being the last living Targaryen, and she doesn't even have that anymore.

  7. Jon for king but he will die sacrificing himself to save Dany and everyone from the night king teaching Dany what it means to be selfless and she will be a better queen for it. Jon becomes new night king takes army back North . Him and Dany will stay as lovers who will never meet again. Dany has his son and teaches him about his father's sacrifice. Season end.

  8. There's also that parallel of the bodies laid out in the spiral that the Night King left. In the pilot episode it's just in ice, but in this episode it ends up being on fire. Might just be a cheeky nod but a nice parallel anyway.

  9. and i dont know why everyone is so focus on Daenerys or Jon. Gendry is also a candidate for the throne, Robert won a war and he took the throne so i dont thinks is crazy for Gendry to have a claim for the throne

  10. I feel like this episode wasn't as excited as i was expecting it to be. Also the reunions were super cold and the episode was short considering this is the last season and the episodes are so few

  11. everyone: dAnY iS SeLfIsH
    staying in the east far longer than she had to as a way of ensuring that no individual would ever slip back into slavery SURE is selfish. except it isn't and she gave her dragons life and postponed her effort for the iron throne to help jon and the north when she knew they were going to treat her awfully but lol go off about how she's selfish y'all

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