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  1. Yes, Samsung has finally matched Huawei in the midrange section. The only problem is herein in South Africa we always get the lower spec variant.

  2. Until last year Samsung's A series used to be flagship midrange phones and had designs like the S or the note but with lower specs. But this year they are being placed very low. Their original place with wireless charging,metal frame and IP Rating was way better. I can prove it as the a50 costs 20,000 rupees (approximately 250$) and the older a series were more premium and costed around 28,000 rupees to 40,000 rupees(approximately 350$ to 500$)The A9 (2018) and the A8 Star(2018) are the best A series smartphones.

    They are not only getting cheaper but less premium

    Edit:Samsung also had the J series and now the new M series as the budget range phones.

  3. these types of phones are why i get so frustrated w/ samsung! why does the midrange phone have an in-display fingerprint scanner, triple camera setup, and a much bigger battery but the (much more expensive) s10e is lacking this. I dont think performance/ screen alone is worth the extra $300

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