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  1. It's exciting, yes…but I did feel little bit of artificial excitement in the video….cause usually he would share the down sides yet this vid was all about good stuff, even though I was clearly able to see the distortion line where screen folds and unfolds

  2. It's expensive because they spent huge amounts of money on development. It's not perfect but a few years from now I am sure it will be way better and you will see it everywhere.

  3. I really want this device. Can't afford it. But I think thing will sell in bucketloads to people who can.

  4. Green with gold trim looks like a fine jade ring. 2 grand price tag? You could pay more than that for an Imperial Jade ring with no electronics. Loved dark blue smartphones, especially with color shift, for a long time, this could change my mind.

  5. Fold of course. That screen on the Mate X will be scratched by daily use for sure. Screen protectors are also not an option for now. I can't believe I'm saying this but the Galaxy Fold is the value option of the two

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