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  1. Ben you have your head up your @$$ as much as I like you, having to watch you promote these could careless for crypto pyramid scam is just too much for my good senses. I guess you are very stubborn and don't know how to take advice from others, but everybody is telling you they are a scam so STOP promoting them! Just because you say you don't have to buy anything well they don't care, they will use that to scam people. I really don't like seeing you do this and your rep is going to suffer because of these low life mother pluckers! You are better than that, I hope.

  2. making money by spending money sounds like either a used car pitch or MMT – requires a lot more and better explanation than 'just wait and see' Ben.

  3. well I don't have a facebook account nor will I ever, don't twit or twitter and could care less, guess I'm SOL at walmart and HD, or maybe I'll just use debit card fiat…. Ben, fiat FRNs can die if they want I don't see that happening anytime soon

  4. Roger Ver is a Voluntarist and is a student of Mises, Rothbard, and Hazzlitt. He understands the freedom of association and the non-aggression principle. You are mis-informed Ben. If you are going to insult someone, you should look into them first.

  5. It will not take time for the new tech to take over. The kids jump from Instagram to Snapchat with ease. The phone of every kid has dozens of apps and the kids use them all. These apps have their complete attention. Kids are not afraid of downloading and working with new apps, especially if they get rewards for using the app. These kids will drag their parents along. Old folks keep looking over the should of these kids and learn. It is going to be crazy over the next year.

  6. Can you make a video where you are using the LIFE info app to make a purchase? I would like to see it in action before I jump in and start pumping its use to my family and friends. On the rewards you get by using the card, can they be moved to cold storage? I believe I heard they could not leave the app, they could only be used for purchases. And how fair is the exchange rate Life App give when using the reward cryptos?

  7. Anybody I try talk to about cryptos not interested or ready to argue and fight. People so dedicated to fiat and banking system. They are jealous to see us hodl cryptos while they miss the boat. I’m telling you Ben I’m plucking not gonna waste my energy trying to convince people into crypto. The only way they will learn their lesson if they see the boat leaving.

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