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  1. Once again this is another reason why xbox is going to die by next gen. Microcock focusing on other platforms/ garbage games rather than their OWN console and exclusives. DEATH TO XBOX!

  2. I was just looking for a mobile game like Forza the other day and here is the actual Forza.
    From this trailer I see drag racing aspect of the game and I hope that's not all it is. There was some turning and less drag racing looking part of the game in there so I'm feeling hopeful.
    For those who are disappointed that it's a mobile game.. Well you still have Forza Horizon 4 on PC/Xbox which is still fairly new.
    I also see comments saying that flappy bird is as far as mobile gaming should go.. Well that's your opinion. I have a beast PC, can play anything on it and I still prefer mobile even tho I only play games at home and I could totally jump on my computer and play anything. It's like how some people prefer playing with a controller over playing with a mouse and keyboard, I prefer playing with a touchscreen. Can't wait for Call of Duty Mobile.

    Edit: I just looked at some gameplay and it's pretty much a drag racing game so I'm disappointed. Mobile gaming is evolving slower than I thought especially in racing genre. There is so much unexplored potential.

  3. if you wondering, yes it's a reskin of miami street and yes it's a point and click game and no you don't steer or change gear just accelerate and the braking is letting off the gas

  4. Its not a racing game. Its a quick time event. One of the worst games ever made and the Forza name should not be tied to this. Its a travesty

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