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  1. An extra season would do it. I felt season 7 was rushed, until now its on fast forward. Season 9 was my thinking for the tv show with 8eps. Cause I feel this season won't answer most of the questions we have.

  2. I don't watch….far to much to catch up on at this point, internet rife with spoilers I probably won't even understand until I get to that point and remember what I saw. The excessive hype just turns me off. Rather watch my odd mideval shows that I find like Vikings, The Last Kingdom, etc

  3. Honestly no I wouldn’t. At this point maybe I’m in the minority. But honestly I think the show is ending the right way. I’m talking about the show ofc

  4. Game of Thrones Seasom 157

    Jon Snow the 3rd is the King of the world. Aliens have arrived on Earth. Humans have no chance against the advanced aliens weapon systems. 100,000 Dragons are born to fight off the Aliens. An all out War breaks out on Earth between Aliens, Humans, and Dragons

  5. Most of the people don´t have idea the time takes write a single book of 500 pages. Take the J.R.R. Tolkien example with Lord Of The Rings. That trilogy takes him more than 30 years of his life.

    Just think about it.

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