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  1. No. Unity will not help on the reconstruction. They have far better and more accurate 3D maps than the one in a videogame.
    Stop discrediting the work of historians and cartographers that made the maps that Unity was actually based on.

  2. Can someone please tweet or email the president of France and tell that PhD student to get on it. I thought about this last night but don't have Twitter soooo

  3. um actually… the game doesn't recreate the cathedral 100%. The Stained Glass images are copyright protected, so ubisoft couldn't use the same images as the ones in the Rose Windows.

  4. Nope stop saying nonsense IGN, as a French person I can tell you that we already have all the data, the pictures, even some of the original plans of the cathedral. We don’t plan on using a video game replica to rebuild our great Cathedral. Too often do you guys spread misinformation about topics you are either not knowledgeable about are can’t even do a quick reason on.

  5. dude this is a trip because imagine game stay in history and althoe we forget about it games like Asassins creed who have real life building that are historic can have value to the real world

  6. It would be funny. If Ubisoft is the one to best help in rebuilding. Since they have their founders roots in France. Best of luck to the restoration of the building. It does hurt knowing such an iconic building has become damaged.

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