Is it Time to Buy Bitcoin Now in 2019?

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  1. if you know nothing about Cryptocurrency and you want to get into it, dont rely on Youtube videos to teach you how to trade or earn

    …try reading trading books,follow analysis and most importantly get a trade instructor and dont be shy..ask man is an island..goodluck!!

  2. Dude, have you ever heard of tulip bulbs? Yup, tulips. The people who invented your stock market are still there and thriving, 400 years later. Bubbles and speculation is their game, and you are a playa, without even knowing it. Jan Pieterszoon Coen is the name to look for, but their Game is due for change. You can still get the licence plate of the truck that hit you…..

  3. Bitcoin is still in a steady upward trend, above the support of $5,070 and $5,000.

    Bitcoin prices are falling, but they still firmly support more than $5,000.

    In the hourly price chart, a key uptrend channel is being formed with support at $5,075.

    Currency prices may fall back to a few points of $5,070 and then rise to $5,360. Main support level – $5,100, followed by $5070

  4. Even if it's not hitting 6000 in the next quarter, using paper based cash is outdated, while credit cards are unusable on the black market and the black won't disappear in the nex 50 years. So cryptocurrencies will stay with us in the long run.

  5. Would you kindly disappear?
    You and people alike artificially trying to hike up the market prices of this scam through making others buy it, only to sell the stock yourself and thus drop the market price again

    It was supposed to be an inside currency, but you people made artificial gold out of it.

    I hope this will soon be called out and die out for good.

  6. 比特币仍然处于稳定的上升趋势,高于5,070美元和5,000美元的支撑位。



    货币价格可能会回落至5070美元的几个点,然后向5360美元的方向上升。主要支持水平 – 5,100美元,其次是5070美元

  7. comparing the value of btc from april 2017 its lower than now 2019 april because in may was under 2k and gone over 2k at the end of month

  8. sunny: bearish divergence
    Btc price: I'll go up
    sunny: ascending triangle
    Btc price: i'll go down

    I will be a sunny decree contrarian.

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