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  1. Just bought this MX 2 Mouse. I quite like the feeling of holding it, feels very premium.
    Though, I wish the mouse click can be a little bit quieter. Well that's my preference 😉

  2. I just bought these and I came from using the MX Performance, and I hate that the sides of this mouse is not the soft rubber material they used on the MX Performance. I find the Master 2s to be slippery and I find myself re-gripping the mouse every time.

  3. I've been in love with these mice ever since I got my MX Revolution a decade ago as part of the MX5500 kbd/mouse combo (they were bulletproof and never broke btw). Nowadays I use a Corsair K95 + Razer DeathAdder Elite for the sake of competitive gaming, but I still have an MX Master in the drawer just for the F of it.

  4. I bought this mouse a year ago. And I LOVE IT.. Best mouse EVER !! Using it for video and photo editing.. Brilliant mouse 😀

  5. I have a G602 that is 6-7 yo. the scroll wheel has completely disintegrated and the left click has been suffering from temperamental double-click syndrome for about 2yrs. i wish they could be more durable..

  6. I only have issues with their durability. My Performance MX was falling apart very quickly …left click and thumb click started failing, every mat surface became polished at places where its mostly used and even paint a little peeled.
    Although I do love that thumb button and smooth scroll, but I don't know if they improved build quality and what else could I get anyway

  7. I heard this mouse has a bad wakeup latency after about 10 seconds? Can anyone provide their experience with the mouse? I'm getting either the original MX or the S2.

  8. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that the logi logo isn't laser etched? Thankfully this time the logo isn't exactly in a position where there's a lot of contact between the finger and the mouse, but those logos are worn out so easily and quickly. I come from using the performance MX, G603, and the last gen master mouse, but all of them had that issue. The logi or G logo is erased over time and leaves behind a displeasing look.

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