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  1. Are we sure this isn't just a division 2 zombie DLC?

    Edit: Seriously, the more I see of the gameplay, the character movements and HUD look very similar to TD2

  2. The game is super trash !!! Played for about 2 hours last night and I will be getting my refund back. It's a The Division ripoff. I urge you to not waste you're money on this garbage.

  3. If i could make a suggestion, could you go more into depth with the progression and what specifically there is to unlock and level in future reviews? i always kinda liked games like L4D and Killing Floor, but i've noticed the main way for a game to keep my attention for more than a week is to have meaning to me playing through progression or at least meaningful unlockables, and i'm just super on the fence on this one from your review. clearly theres class and weapon levels which is nice, but is that it? just replay a few levels on multiple difficulties to get a new gun attachment or class skill and your done?

  4. Why is all the footage in third person mode with the camera behind the player??? Wouldn't it make more sense for a game like this to be first person mode? Who wants to play fortnite zombies??

  5. it seems like you have "Audio Bugs" in every game Karak… it might be your setup, i remember tons of reviews of you mentioning audio bugs. thanks for the review. like as always

  6. Wow, for everything wrong with it…looks like it'd be a 10 out of 10 if it were just first person…what a weird design decision…who plays third person games in 2019??

  7. Despite the vast number of zombie games, they have never made the game I would really like, a slow survival horror co op game where the dead are slow but relentless and deadly, where avoiding the dead is usually your best option and keeping noises down as to not alert even more of them. And mix this up with open maps and first person so you need to plan out your route with your team mates.

  8. Day one: people are freaking out. We can’t connect to the server, and I don’t think help will arrive on time. I’m confused and worried. Jim is eating too much rations. Please SABER, send help.

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