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  1. Is this a joke? In Poland price is similar to normal XOS or in some cases even higher. Sp question is – what is purpose of this Xbox?

  2. They should offer to convert all disc games you own to digital for free, I don’t believe I should have to buy a game twice for the same console if I decide to buy this console.

  3. I know I'm not buying it. Digital only gaming? If the HDD goes up, if you don't like the game you bought? It'll probably have to connect online once a day to play your games too. Remember what they were trying with the release of the Xbone? Seriously, don't indulge them with this.

  4. This is pure crap of you should by this crappy console that has no disc drive and you will indeed run. Out of storage quicker and use your internet a lot enjoy ???

  5. I have deja vu. Did you hire Mattrick again or someone in xbox team is helping sony? Anyway you will end up with same mess as few years ago. Someone is not teaching on theirs mistakes xD

  6. Look at what happened to the Wii store. I don't trust all-digital at all anymore. I get all the major games physical nowadays, makes me feel like I'm making a better investment.

  7. Looks like hot trash. Thought backwards compatibility was cool now I wonder where they will tell me to stick my 360 discs…. somewhere dark and private?!

  8. Seeing as I'm really only getting an xbox because I don't wanna wait for black desert on the ps4, this doesn't seem that bad… it's less then a switch surprisingly XD

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