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  1. exynos is better and optimized to samsung and its battery life is not bad …..while snapdragon is optimized to other android
    phones …. samsung with snapdragon seems a weird combination

  2. Why does every YouTuber have to talk like this where they speak normally throughout most of the sentence but then … at… the.. end.. put..pauses…between…the…final……..words…..?

  3. I m using s9 plus EU or exynos model. Battery save mode on, dark theme, dark screensaver, hi resolution off, bixby off, brightness 30% and all other good stuff shut off. So im using a phone at lowest capacity possible. I get max 3 1/2 hours screen time. This chip is bullshit, even we pay more the price in te UK and EU, we always get trash. On my old iphone i m getting 7 hours of screen time and i never use a battery save mode.

  4. I'd take these results with a grain of salt considering they've only got a sample size of 1 for each processor variant. If we could get more phones tested and run at least 3 tests with each phone, I'd be more comfortable taking these tests to be truth.

  5. Samsung did a shit job with Exynos this year. Bad optimization in general. And Samsung really needs to get a new GPU for the Exynos. The Mali GPUs suck compared to the Adreno.

  6. Samsung still should use only Exynos… Qualcomm needs a good competition and with only one processor, Samsung could optimize the Software better, just like they did on the S6…

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