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  1. I'm thinking some really great games of the ps4 life cycle will be cross generation. I'm hoping this generation Playstation will put a focus on preserving, archiving and making accessible every generation of Playstation into a contiguous experience via backwards compatibility and a revamped psn ps+. As well I hope we get 4kUHD movies and DVD support. Also I hope they have great things developed for ps5's controller. One reason why it is impossible to go up against PC players in Battle Royal is because the mouse is optical. Here to hoping they noticed this and do some like optically digitalize the "Analog Stick."…or something like that.

  2. LUL the funny thing is Game of Thrones S01-3 wasn't done in 4k or 8k so will need to be upscaled and the later seasons ain't up in 4k yet. AHAHHAHA YOU MUST BE SO EMBARRASSED IF YOU WANT TO WATCH PARTY GoT BECAUSE IT WILL BE ONLY 1080P AHHAHAHAAHAHA

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