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  1. The character is trash. Another white dude as if that’s not every Star Wars main character (except for the white female who is Rey).

  2. Red flag already.
    "Trying to make it more accessible"
    This worries me. Instead of pandering to everyone they should have a clear focus, otherwise the gameplay might suffer due to dumbing things down.

    Hopefully I'm wrong and everything turns out fine.

  3. Pretty sure I'm beating a dead horse here but…I think Star Wars fans have been asking for another Knights of the Old Republic for years. This game could be awesome, but it just kind of looks like a game nobody asked for.

  4. "What people want from a Jedi focus game? It's his story, it's the battle of light and darkness, it's falling in love with the character…" No that's not what people want from a Star Wars Jedi game! Yes a story-driven game is needed but what people really want is to be able to create our own character, our own lightsaber and to have consequences to our choices.

  5. After playing Sekiro I can't help but imagine the look on the faces of the star wars fans especially the game journalists if fallen order was made by from software .

  6. מה קורה בומבה יאח יקר מלא זמן לא דיברנו תחזיר את שמך לבומבה כי אני לא מוצא את שמך היקר בבקשה מר בומבה

  7. now im not that much for ssingle player games, because i have like no one to play it with then, but since i love star wars and saw this video, then i would maybe give this game a chance

  8. Would love to see a multiplayer jedi game like this where your choices determine whether you continue the path of light or go down the road of the dark side, each player plays as a master or the apprentice, and each players choices determine whether your loyal like obi wan or controversial like qui-gon or Anakin

  9. one day I want a star wars game where we play as an inquisitor and have them stay on the dark side or become something else that isn't involved with the jedi or the rebellion (maybe a bounty hunter?)

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