Subnautica #19 – CAMERA DRONES

I’m making the Scanner Room, which comes complete with Camera Drones in more Subnautica!

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About the Author: Duncan


  1. Holy shit… He finally looked at those big ass rocks and found out that they're magnetite instead of just ignoring them over and over…

  2. It's probably been about a year since I played subnautica and that's cause at the time there was no story and not much to do. But good god the game looks so much better now I love it. Everything seems so well done

  3. Scanner Room list doesn't scroll yet. Unfortunately. If you search, there's a way around it sort of, something to do with th elast item scanned for or something, I forget. And, ugh, Pressure Compensators don't stack, you have to upgrade them. They're bugged, you have to re-insert them to get them to work (at every game load). Normal Seamoth depth is 200m, with MK1 compensator, 300m, MK2 goes to 500m, MK3 goes to 900m. PRAWN can use the same compensator, just swap it out. Unmodded 900m, 1050m MK1, 1300m MK2, 1700m MK3. Use your ITEM modification station (not vehicle modification station) to upgrade them.

  4. dear duncan,

    if you dig through your logs, itll tell you that you need to find a cure for your infection so that you can deactivate that huge laser gun.

    i remain, von

  5. Duncan just so you know it is pronounced Mag-Ne-Tite like a magnet, because it is magnetic. So you were closer when calling it Magemite lol.

  6. That voice…was the story my dude. And also, make a modification station, you can upgrade your pressure compensatory and many other things. you need to go deeper….muuuuuch deeper.

  7. Dunc Magnetite spawns in small nodes just as quartz or diamonds do (the kind of node that you can grab with your hands) and you have been to the places that you can find said Magnetite nodes. Also, fish are arguably the best source of power for bioreactors. Watch out for Warpers, they can teleport you out of your seamoth/prawn and kill you that way.

  8. when he ate those melons instead of putting them in the reactor did anyone else think back to sjins Terraria series where Duncan was supposed to give sjin the hearts but he ate them instead?

  9. You are taking up space for your seamoth, you can upgrade the pressure compensator, just take one pressure compensator to the upgrade station, and will say pressure compensator mark ll

  10. He dosent realise how "deep" this game gets he is only scratching the surface of the amount of content. Seeing his reaction to the message from you know what just made me feel happy at what is to come

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