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  1. More moving parts is more points of failure.
    I'm not too set on the foldable phones and at the very least I would suggest people to wait until the second generation model.
    That whole issue with the Galaxy Fold phones breaking already is a big issue.

  2. Most people don't pay for phones outright. Most do on installment plan. So you can do a Samsung S10+ for $33 per month or you do the Fold for $61 per month. Alot of people say yeah I can do the extra $30 or so per month

  3. Trust me if I had tt much money to spend n i was crazy for this folding thing….. I'll still give ita little time…… This phone needs n will surely get lots more soon…. I know it for sure….!!!!! N would nt wanna regret then bt whatsoever happen i don't hv money for evn a poco these flagships are jst dream for me?

  4. this unbox therapy dude is such an obnoxious fucking idiot with absolutely zero worthwhile input on anything he reviews, you are the complete opposite and thank god for that

  5. I think the the small screen will be used for taking calls, changing your songs, and those stuff we used to do in the old nokia phone. The larger one is gonna be for typing, gaming, watching videos editing…… Tbh i kinda like this concept but i agree to what MKBHD had said a few months ago that these will fail for a bit but soon will exceed expectation.
    Moreover this is the first generation only. So for sure samsung will make it better and prices will come down in the future generations when the competition is growing in this segment. So this is futuristic…

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