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  1. At 5:46 he said Joanna resisted the urge to peel. But she did, albeit a little bit, but she did. It wasn’t just dust getting under over time, it was dust getting under after the peel

  2. I will stick with classic smartphones.
    a 2k price is already insane for a phone, I'll jsut keep buying a new phone every 5-6 years.

  3. Why someone should buy that product? What's the product purpose? (Browsing the web on 'big' screen? Aren't phone's big enough? If one wants big screen go to desktop PC much better then any of this expensive fold device!

  4. Why couldn't you keep the footage? I remember seeing banks of hard drives so it's not that you just got rid of it. I definitely want to see that of for no other reason than to alleviate my curiosity when I get my hands on one. (Film so peely… forbidden…..)

  5. So the phone has a preinstalled screen protector and you’ll need to put another screen protector on that screen protector. Haha no wonder that gap is there when folded.

  6. I'm very skeptical that you excluded the footage from the unboxing video, especially for a serious flaw like that. In fact, this PSA should've been added to the beginning of the unboxing video and reuploaded or should've removed the unboxing video altogether. And as a reviewer "8:24", you purposely withheld a serious part of your experience with the review model and that to me is very disingenuous.

  7. Not good. I knew that the first foldable phone would have some problems, because it's the first iteration of this kind of technology, but this needs to be sorted for a £2000 phone. I'm glad Samsung is innovating, and good on them for trying this, but that's no excuse when phones are breaking easily, especially the ones that did not have the protector removed.

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