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  1. Microsoft making "smart" plays, again. Hey, like corporate DRM, Kinect-tivity in useless ways that is really just spying on you, and an "array" of 3 platform exclusive franchises? Micro$oft has you covered! So, act now!

  2. The only reason I got an xbox x is they had a sale at Best Buy when I purchased my Samsung and they threw the console in for free. I don’t use it unless I watch a 4K movie

  3. Dear Microsoft, please stop releasing the exact same console with small fixes. Just fix the original console you already had or wait a few more years to rake in the cash. From everyone

  4. Too expensive? Everybody wants 4K and ray tracing so shits gunna get pricey. I wouldn’t be surprised with a 600$ PS5. Microsoft is feelin out the market.

  5. The only reason I see why they are selling it at this price is they want retailers to sell it. I don't see them doing it because their is no real future profit in it for them. No game sells where true money comes from. Hardware sales is low to justify this system to them.

  6. If it was 200 bucks, came with 2tb of storage and had a nicer/smaller design then I would be all for it. But its none of those things lmfao.

  7. So it’s basically a Xbox One S that doesn’t play 4K blu rays and physical copies for the same price as one that does? Gotcha.

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