A MASSIVE Bitcoin Breakout Is Coming – Bitcoin SV Delisted!

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In this video we discuss recent Bitcoin price action where Bitcoin has found itself wedged between levels of Bitcoin support and Bitcoin resistance. Based on our Bitcoin technical analysis today, we expect a major Bitcoin breakout to come within the next week. Today, we’ll discuss why, and which direction that Bitcoin breakout will go.

Following the Bitcoin technical analysis portion of today’s video, we’ll discuss the recent Bitcoin SV delist by popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance, as well as Shapeshift. This delisting is in response to legal threats made against twitter users by Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

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  1. You may want to look into some fundamental analysis of BSV. The technical analysis is only part of the picture when CZ type of manipulation is taking place.

  2. So geez since Bitcoin has been so stable lately you are predicting some volatility but can’t say up or down? I think you will be right no matter what! Genius!

  3. You are the first crypto youtube guy to pronounce Chengpeng Zhao's last name correctly lol. Everyone else calls him Chengpeng sow or Chengpeng zow 🙂 Great analysis too!

  4. I wonder what’s going to happen to that Calvin dude I think he owns a lot of bitcoin sv he was on Craig’s side though he was saying bitcoin sv was the real bitcoin will Craig or Calvin Dump ?

  5. BTC going to break down. It is being held down by EMA 500 close on daily. Now I know people don't normally use EMA 500 but by back testing you will see it as support and resistance in the past. now it is resistance for BTC….. Just my view.

  6. Everybody is waiting for a dip that is not coming, and have to pay much more in a week, there is too litlle btc that is still in the market for trading, and there are too manny people who believe in one hundred thousend in two years, so why sell they think.

    loose 5 k or win 100 k or more, so thats why TA is not working in this envirement

  7. There shouldn’t be just a vote between the exchange to kick off BCHSV but a vote between the whole crypto community with a certain timeframe and then unanimous decision to keep it decentralized.

  8. The first amendment only protects citizens from the government retaliating against them…it has nothing to do with non-governmental speech. Craig Wright can sue someone for such speech under defamation providing they can prove it is actually defamation…where in lies the problem. Craig would have to prove he is Satoshi to win…which he can't…so party on Hodlnaut!

  9. Howcome TA guys have such a hard time understanding the Whitepaper… or doing research to see CSW is obviously Satoshi. The low IQ are SO loud!

  10. Jebb, as always, very much appreciate ur TA/FA & commentary.
    Sheeze, shouldn't it be Craig Wrong?
    I watch a lot of TA, a few UT TA'ers out there have BTC breaking down with a few stops btw $4.8-4.1K.
    That said, it appears as if a 50&200DMA bullish xover will occur 4/20ish…
    Kind regards2all

  11. What if the whole bitcoin sv debacle was staged to drive down the price of bitcoin so institutional investors could get in cheap and buy it up. Craig Wright has also threatened to sell millions of dollars of bitcoin to drive the price a lot lower. These delistings could send him over the edge and causing him to sell that bitcoin and send prices really low again. And again that could be staged

  12. Regarding the power of a single org determining the fate of a single project…. I haven't seen Binance do this before. I believe they have been pretty neutral for the most part. I'm glad they had the balls to stand up to a bully like Craig Wright. I think everyone can agree this guy is a fraud and NOT Satoshi. He needs to go before he causes even more damage to the crypto space.

  13. Everyone has money on the sidelines waiting for a break out to the down side. Including myself. That's why it will go up and we'll just miss out until the next pull back. Unless you're the FOMO kind of guy.

  14. The only reason we fell below 6k is because of Craig Wright. It's also the reason for the recent dip… he's pissed off about being delisted and trying to crash the market. I hope his shit coin goes to zero and he sells all his BTC! He's the worst thing to happen to crypto!

  15. I suspect $4900 was the low for wave (4) and the breakout of the triangle will be up for wave (5) higher than $5488. I would welcome a break down to the bottom of the weekly ema ribbon in the low $4000's, however, because I would buy it.

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