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  1. So far unimpressed with any of these. Don't know if I'm getting old, feeling nostalgia make it all feel forced or if it's the fact that no one shorts or full length feature has been able to capture the original two. From the first two in this series of five being lack luster to the third just being a bore let along throwing a predator noise into the mix of audio chaos at the end while being at a whisper for the rest. The hyper fast nature of the one poor CGI alien in this one coupled with again audio sounds that remind me nothing of these iconic creations I'm terrified as to what the house of mouse is going to do with a major release slated in the future. Star wars, the MCU and alien…seems more and more like they are intentionally killing these masterpieces for a quick buck instead of creating for the immersion that has been the originals (MCU aside as this is a recent development and was highly successful until this year)

  2. Finally! Eggs, colonists, xeno killing people, evil android following WY directives, dark ambient and a badass character. 8 minutes very well used! Congrats, this short makes justice to Alien saga

  3. Ranking:
    1.) Specimen
    2.) Ore
    3.) Containment
    4.) Night Shift

    Specimen is still the most tense and gripping. Ore feels big in all aspects though.

  4. A a perfect throwback short that captures the spirit of the first two films! It’s just sad to see the plot hinge on the “soulless, company drone who leaves their coworkers to die” trope, once again.

  5. excellent! so looks like they are releasing these to show how much we still love the alien franchise and not to cancel it, even now that disney have bought the rights….keep it alive!!

  6. Just a little technical note. If I were to find someone lying on their back with their chest opened up, I'd assume it was some sort of exit wound. I would have had someone roll the victim over slightly to find out what had hit him and upon finding out his back was intact proclaim: "It looks like something come out of him."

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