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  1. How does this connect to conjuring Universe? I'm not English and didn't understand this video it was too hard for me. Someone explain in ez English plz.

  2. Can we get Africa Kingdoms of the Ethiopians Kush Gameplay Trailer Very Epic the Ethiopian Wars the Great Africa Ethiopia Victory The Battle of Adwa The Ras Guard kingz Game play Trailer

  3. Never gonna stop, give it up, such a dirty mind
    I always get it up, for the touch of the younger kind
    M-m-m-my Llorona

  4. LaLlorona: can apparantly teleport, go invisible and phase through objects
    Also La Llorona: decides to scare people and children before taking/eating them or whatever she does I didnt see the movie lol

  5. ok.. I got to say the whole hair washing bit.. she looks a little to old for that.. anyone else think so? I mean I was washing myself by like seven she, or the actress playing here, looks ten'esh. anyone know how old the daughter is suppose to be?

  6. So she a white woman with Mexican kids Lmfao thats white America for ya … Give the lead to a white woman with a mexican cast ???…. like the Mexican with brad pitt ??????????????

  7. I grew up with the “La Llorona” myth/story since I can remember. I find it weird/funny now, seen it on the big screen. I might watch it.

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