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  1. For 2000 you shouldn't have to be a beta tester just because Samsung rushed to be first into market the hinge shouldn't have gaps, that screen protector should be built in so it can't be removed etc just seems like this needed more r+d behind it before taking it to market failure on Samsung's part and a customer shouldn't be held to account cause guess what if you can't remove the screen protector…….. No one would have even known it was there and thought it was just the screen

  2. These videos are boring. First one was cool. The first one about the problems was cool. All the other – meh. This phone is revolutionary. BUT a revolutionary thing is always superceeded by an improved version, almost immediately. Why is no one asking "when the new version of such foldable phone comes out? Who's gonna be first to make the better version, samsung or someone else?" You're talking about how cool is the new tech, but then nitpicking "oh, there's a line. Oh, someone peeled the screen". not important . It folds in two, for gosh sake! It's f*cking incredible that it works at all! so the problems that you talked about vs the problems that you could've had is the ratio of 0.001%. The phone is basically a miracle.

  3. I think Samsung should go back to the drawing board and release another galaxy core this year and give people a choice after modifications are made to the existing Galaxy fold or should I say fool and again it is ironic no reviewer caught this on tape and showed it

  4. Dude, its not that serious. Price is the only factor. Otherwise its a tablet. Which many have. And it closes to a smartphone. Which most people have. Samsung and Huawei have built a better mousetrap, but its still a mousetrap. Its neat, but not revolutionary. It is the future of the market, however. The Samsung? Its great. If you have one and whip it out at parties and what not to show photos, etc? It will garner lots of attention. Otherwise it reminds me of a make up compact women throw in their purses, and sounds the same, too. The Huawei implementation is superior imo and has more of a wow factor. Either way they are foldable tablets that are also phones. As said, neat. Nothing more.

  5. You guys are viewing this wrong instead of a smartphone that’s folds to a a tablet but a tablet or laptop that can also be a phone and should be treated like you would a small laptop

  6. The main thing we need to remember these haven't shipped yet so until then its hard to judge as to whether the fold does have a problem or whether this has just been a fluke.

  7. Here's my opinion, you're not going to like it:

    It doesn't matter who made the device, or what generation it is – If you spent $2000 on something that's gonna break in a week, then it's a piece of hot garbage.

    My problem with stuff like this is that it's trendy, and in the tech world, EVERYONE jumps on the new trends. Me? I still like sub 5.5" 16:9 screens and actual functionality. I got left behind a few years ago when manufacturers started stretching the screen out and taking away features and cutting parts of the screen out. I'm fine with the way phones were, but I would have liked bigger improvements. I don't care if a phone is a few millimeters thicker to house a much larger battery that can last 2-3 days, or sizeable bezels that have a fingerprint scanner and good, stereo speakers. And you know, maybe ditch the glass back for a durable plastic so dropping the phone doesn't give you a heart attack. Also with skyrocketing prices, I can't justify buying a phone. How can you justify buying a phone for $1000 when you can get something with the same parts for $300? So when I see stuff like this, the idea of getting something more robust and full featured gets further away.

    How does anyone benefit from this? People have to buy dongles, or buy new headphones because there's no headphone jack. Phones cost way more than they should. Dropping a phone 2 feet from the ground can destroy it. Part of our view is blocked by screen cutouts. Fingerprint scanners that worked very well are now being moved to the back of devices which I think isn't the best placement, or they're being removed and replaced with some other unlocking option. etc.

    So tell me again how we benefit from these innovations?

  8. Did people even watch this video? The reason they are giving the Galaxy Fold more leeway is because of the ambitiousness and uniqueness of the product, not the brand. –_– aaaaand people these days…lol

  9. 2:56 look at the REACTION on Lew's face when this guy said he was "second-guessing" about the Fold™.

    ??Samsung, it was a beautiful, Expensive BETA TEST EXPERIENCE….

    Let's check out the Huawei Mate X SCREEN'S GLUE MELT & SLIDE OFF ?? EXPOSING US BATTERY ACID!!!!

    ⚰To the people who got Defected Folds
    ⚰Your future rent payments(that YOU needed, dumbass!)
    ⚰What Could've been

    ??Alistair Overeem, my Galactic Champion,

    Alistair Prepares

    BUY LG G8 ThinQ
    Gorilla Glass > Folding Paper

    Stitches – Molly Cyrus


  10. Gentlemen I'm a diehard Samsung use I will buy nothing else but Samsung got this one wrong they should have know that this phone could have problem for regular users. There should have been a disclaimer that it needed to handle differently than other smartphones

  11. Last but not least I want to see all the unknown the one that went by on camera either ride with the mob Houston made you or stay with the company that page Point Blank

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