Easily Repair Smartphones, Electronics, Battery Holders & More WITHOUT Solder!

Learn how to easily fix repair all kinds of electronic devices, smartphones, tablets, solar cells, EMF shielding, battery holders damaged by leaking batteries, …


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  1. You should have done this video sooner when I needed it. LOL Next time to make those debunking free energy machines which are popular that would be the best time to mention this and other videos since that is when you have a audience to grab their attention. I see your videos at 3 timed the speed. Maybe people would like to know how to do that to. I downloaded a extension called video speed controller.

  2. Very nice video ?

    Hi, Is it possible to make Somthing similar, with epoxy and solder paste?
    I can't do it, becourse i don't have solder paste, and i would like to know how to diy solder paste as well ?

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