Purdue Hosts First Ever Intercollegiate Drone Races

UPDATE: Purdue hosted the Collegiate Drone Racing Championship in April 2017. See highlights here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqE_KZFewNk

The Purdue Drone Club hosted the first ever intercollegiate indoor drone races in January 2017, with Ohio State and Illinois. Each race is an exhilarating 2 minutes, as the small quadcopters can fly at nearly 80 miles per hour. Pilots maneuver the drones while wearing goggles, receiving live wireless video from the drone’s point of view — so both pilots and spectators alike can feel like they are in the cockpit of the drone, dodging the obstacles of the course.

The Purdue Drone Club is the largest collegiate drone club in the country. Students of any background and experience level are welcome to join and learn about this exciting field, and even try out drone racing for themselves!

Purdue Drone Club: http://purduedroneclub.com
Mechanical Engineering: http://purdue.edu/ME
David Cappelleri’s research: http://multiscalerobotics.org


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  1. Could Purdue share their policies on drone flying on campus? More campuses should have these drone-friendly policies. Too often the colleges have no policy and when something bad happens the policy becomes no flying on campus period.

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