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  1. To many videos about the cheap made over priced phone. It's just a S10 with a plastic screen with doesn't last long. I don't understand why everyone to making such a big deal about it. It's an unfinished phone which should not be released lol

  2. *Galaxy fooked. Front screen massive bezels – check. Massive thickness – check. Internal screen massive notch – check. Internal screen – crappy plastic, fold visible, screen lasts about 2 hours – check. Over $2000 phone – check. It's going to be hard for the Android/Samsung fluffers to talk this up! Imagine if Apple released a $2k+ phone that survived 2 hours with such massive notches and bezels. The fandroid fapping would be legendary.

  3. I just dont get it.. Why does anyone wanna put on a case for any premium phones.. I mean yeah to protect it from dust, drops n others but if u wanna premium looking phones with glass, or metal or even ceramic surface why then do u use a plastic looking case.. I defeat the purpose of having a premium looking phone.. Might as well have a plastic built phone which doesnt breaks or scratches n cheaper to replace.. I hv a note 8 n my premium looking phone is naked since day 1.. N i am loving it…

  4. Don´t know.. I´m not a big fan of foldable phones right now… still need further versions to improve possbile failures and such a big phone just sounds stupid to me.

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