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  1. Do you guys remember the screamers/jumpscares people uploaded on YouTube back in the old days……imagine a screamer in VR. I hope I didn't just inspire a trend…. 🙁

  2. When I saw Wiz in Tampa it was awesome. We were out pretty far but him and Snoop came way out on this platform far out in stands. Got within a couple feet. He definitely lives up to what he's talking about in the video with trying to make it the best possible experience for everyone. You should have seen how many people took off running to get over to where they went. I mean even the people in the cheap lawn seats had the opportunity to get really close during that.

  3. THIS SO COLD!!!!!!!
    Maybe no one will read this But in case you do
    Can You Put A "Thumbs Up "So Others Can See.
    I Just started rapping seriously Type in ( Lunden Ivory – Never Been Freestyle)
    just a simple button can help my dream come true….
    people will ignore this but if you don't can you listen, comment and subscribe
    Thank you all God Bless

  4. in. ฉันชื่นชมคุน.ติดตามคุน.
    วิซ คาริฟา ขอแค่ชื่นชมก็พอ..ไม่กล้าคิดไกล…หวัดว่าข้อความนี้จะถึงคุน

  5. O k this is crazy so i was just sad about not being able to see wiz tomorrow he will be 7 mins away but do to lack of cash 🙁 can't even be in the building yet

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