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  1. i find offensive that you didn't use the scene in american psycho where bateman tells his lawyer all the people that he killed, i demand a re upload with that scene when Ralph tells that he showed all the people that he killed.

  2. i've seen the first vids about this guy and damn dude, with the beard you look like a depressive and alcoolic version of henry cavill, so kinda a compliment ?

  3. "I'm sorry for the guy I killed with my handgun I hold on my hands and consciously pull the trigger, it was not my intention" – says the murder, years after being in prison.

  4. I really don't get why you would even bother plagiarizing game reviews. Just play the games and talk about them. If you're as big a nerd as I am, I just kind of naturally think about what's good, whats bad, what works, what doesn't as i play the game. It would be easy to just stretch that into a couple of pages of review. Good on him for admitting what he did and apologizing, though. I hope he doesn't expect to stay in the industry. Time to start applying to your local McDonalds, my man.

  5. These words he spoke suggest he was told what to say, rather than just decided to get a conscience and fess up.

  6. It absolutely feels like he's recognised that a full-throated apology is his only chance of forgiveness and this is the only hope of salvaging his career. I find it hard to take his apology at face value but so what? He lost his career. He'll never be trusted again but then most games journalists are not trusted so he's in good company. If someone wants to give him a job because he's a decent writer with a lot of experience (if he is), it wouldn't bother me, but they'd better have a no-plagiarism clause in his contract.

  7. Jesus, it's about time. If only he did that the first time we might have taken it a little more seriously and he may have gained some forgiveness.

  8. One of two things has happened here, the bloke is either a dumb ass and a really slow learner or he has someone advising him on how to now damage control way after the fact. I dont think this guy is doing it out of the goodness of his heart, he has his own ulterior motives like trying to stop the dislikes on his channel or trying to get another job in the industry.

  9. Holy crap… This guy is still around?
    Something is definitely up; but, all in all, he finally showed how he should have done it months ago.
    "Oh, Filip.."

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