$80 Acro FPV Race Drone Better Than a $300 FPV Race Drone? – XK X130-T – TheRcSaylors

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Buy it here: https://goo.gl/fXw9GB
We have found a brand new awesome RTF acro race drone for around $80! How awesome is that? Does Nate think this is better than his $300 Walkera Furious 215? Of course not, but for someone that wants to gets into the fpv race drone hobby without having to takeout a second mortgage, then this is an AMAZING start! We are impressed with this entire set up and definitely think you will enjoy flying it if you bought one!

Buy it here: https://goo.gl/fXw9GB
Gearbest Coupon Code: rc18off
Gearbest Current Promotion: https://goo.gl/HMdkgu

DJI Spark Contest – https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=AUxCbbzBxu4

Other Products Seen in this Video
Goggles We Used with DVR: https://goo.gl/ZzzuLx
Nate’s Favorite Goggles for Glasses (no dvr): https://goo.gl/rw6R3F
Extra Batteries: https://goo.gl/BhkQBM

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  1. I still move my head a little.When i first started i would see myself and realized that I was standing really funny and a little drooling cause I fell in love nice review 🖒🖒

  2. Why can’t I find these for sale anymore? I tried following the link provided. And googling it as well. And only Banggood carries it. And won’t let you order it. Any ideas where else I can purchase this exact model? I would appreciate any information from anyone. Thank you!

  3. Correct me if i'm wrong and if i'm right just say ''yes''. For 80$ you get the controller, quadcopter a battery + battery charger and a receiver? And you can get the goggles conected with the controller for the fpv experience?

  4. Need to ask you guys..watched this vid 6 or 7 times. What is the best beginner acro drone? I need something preferably ready to fly, I don’t have a hobby grade transmitter. I tried acro on my Bugs 3 mini and my Eachine EX2 but geez Louise! Either I can’t fly or the two suck in acro. I can whip both around in NASCAR speed around the many trees on my property, but in acro? I simply crash on take off! Is this the drone? Or should I step up to a King Kong and splurge on a transmitter?

  5. I think I have the worst luck in drones. I bought this one from Gearbest, and the first one they delivered wouldn't even launch. I got an exchange after a lot of back and forth from their customer service. The exchange I got worked for 2 flights and now won't launch straight up like yall's. It wants to go forward right away. Hoping they will let me return and get my money back.

  6. ok love your videos and im learning but for us newbeis to rc as you are doing these videos if you could add a little info on the functions and lingo like i don"t know what acro mode is a short explanation would help   thanks Randy

  7. actually pro guards won't do you any favors whatsoever when flying around trees there branch magnets they will get hung up on everything I would say for in the house yes but our side not unless you like to decorate trees with your drone maybe for Xmas? oh that be cool an Xmas tree with tiny little drone ornaments lol

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