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  1. I don’t see the problem with the Arya scene. I get for some it is weird but this really does seem like the next step in her growth as a character. They even talked about how they still saw her as like the baby but the writers are trying to tell us that Arya is now an adult. We have to come to terms with that. Also I guess since Maisie Williams and I are the same age it just isn’t as weird.

  2. NO DEJES DE LEER ESTE COMENTARIO, no creo en el destino, pero puede ser que es tu dia de suerte porque encontraste un nuevo canal que probablemente te guste muchisimo, dale una oportunidad a un youtuber nuevo ❤️ una disculpa, solo me gustaria que mas gente descubra mis creaciones

  3. Why does it seem that more energy is being spent on non important issues like who’s taking the iron throne or who is this persons aunt. When there is an army of dead men, white walkers , and a blue ice dragon coming.

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