Bitcoin As A Worldwide Currency – The Pieces Are Falling Into Place

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  1. The big news is outside the USA. The big increases happen when the US is asleep. You are no longer the centre of the Universe, like 99% of you think.

  2. That blank stare!!!! You’re so right about that look. They don’t care, don’t understand and don’t wanna know……….yet! Nice upload.👍buy BTC. NFA.

  3. they will never use bitcoin as the worldwide currency as it is mainly controlled by china and the big banks will not institute any currency controlled by china because then the families already in control of the banks and world money supply would have a competitor to their control

  4. Wow ok, people need to realize that this global decentralized revolution called Bitcoin was always about not needing any approval from the fucking IMF.

  5. What's funny is that people think they will get rich once we go cashless. This system isn't designed to make you rich or even be in the middle class. Think hunger games movie.

  6. I don’t think so will be BTC the global reserve coin number 1 its a coin made from someone nobody knows nothing about it and Number 2 have no utilities . While XRP have it .

  7. I'm not religious, but when I listened to your excellent vid (and great title, btw), this popped into my brain: "So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen." [Matthew 20:16] There is some great writing in that book. Believer or not, there are some great lessons in it.

  8. Wait until the world tries to use BTC at scale. Bahahaha. Its a fucking basement dweller joke coin and can't be used for serious business. Sit the fuck down.


  9. Look just say this to people who want to know about bitcoin or are possibly into purchasing….

    "In the upcoming new economy, you can own bitcoin or be a bitch. You can only do one, so choose wisely."

  10. Life Token just made a first of it's kind partnership with the British Virgin Islands to manage all of their disaster aid funds… check out their twitter @lifelabshq… this is great for crypto

  11. Doubters will exist regardless of how many proofs you provide. "I have spoken to you of earthly things and you do not believe; how
    then will you believe if I speak of heavenly things". – John 3:12

  12. Yes! Nothing comes close to bitcoin! They have more partners than any other crypto. No other coin has even 10% of the partners. Company reps with bitcoin have been mentioned by the IMF on several ocassions and have appeared on stage with IMF officials. Bitcoin officials are in talks with several central banks. The Federal Reserve spoke highly of bitcoin. Oh, wait… everything mentioned above describes XRP. Nevermind. LOL

  13. I get the you are crazy look all the time. At times i feel like just sticking to my own business by every once in a while as i speak it just kind'f slips out, and then … the awkward silence.

  14. I try to talk to my friends and relatives about crypto but only two of them were actually interested enough to put some money into BTC so I helped them creating wallet etc. I hope they will thank me one day.

  15. How do I email you like your live feeds. I believe I know how the democratization of these tokens like Eos vs eth compared to Cardano all merging and converting other cryptos as the numbers for resources get crunched. I’d have to engage you in an email. Then you could keep an eye out for staking programs we can use. I know how they will do it.

  16. I agree, bitcoin and AI, with a number representing an tangible resource all gold all oil all trees and replant. All soil turning and crop rotating. Numbers that can’t be doctored or negotiated. Jeaque Fresco, inventor and curator of the Venus project. He proposed to high up folk. We switch to a resource opensourced economy. I’ve been looking into this for a year and investigating the way the resource based economy would be implemented. I learned about altcoins. I knew bitcoin is gold period. It is he US solution to equalizing the Gold where the US doesn’t have as much no matter what they say. The federal reserve bankers stole it from us. So 1996 NSA white paper for a digital currency. I was in Bellingham in 1995, learned about computers on the help line for dial up. Torrents, I knew we would win that p2p and even open sourced intelligence so fuck spies even. Post and monetize all data. You have been right and I knew it. Why I watch. Now your reading the way and I don’t know enough nor have I got me feet wet in all the minor areas I desired to. Thought we had another year

  17. I feel so lucky to have the open mind and the drive to research this space at this point in it's life. Life changing opportunity will be an understatement.

  18. At least we who know will benefit. Those people who are being told about this technology, and don’t care to listen, learn, or act, will be hating themselves for their apathy later. They are the famous sheeple, I can’t describe them in a more accurate way than that.

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