Bitcoin BIG Move? | Craig Wright Is A Fraud | Binance DELISTS Bitcoin SV

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Craig Wright is a fraud and Binance delists Bitcoin SV. I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

0:40 Bitcoin Analysis
10:39 Craig Wright

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  1. De-listing isn't censorship when removing a product backed by fraud, in keeping with past de-listings. But, I do wish for Binance's regular process to include a 3 month public info tracking so people have plenty of time to exit positions without any major hit (for more legit projects that don't hold up over time). It's more than just pretending to be someone he is not, but no one on the inside backs his claim, they all call him a fraud, and he is threatening legal action for people to call him out. Looney! Both BCH's advertise themselves as the "real" BTC and undermine the parent hash and devs.

  2. lol. imho,i still and always think all other Bitcoin-whatwhat must not be trading anywhere?.Bitcoin123xyz,why why why in the first place,why not call it what it is, 123Coin/xyzCoin,maybe you wanna confuse/help us understand Bitcoin well?come on! fishyrat to me

  3. The only code that remains that resembles bitcoin is BSV, if the code does not matter, what does? Or maybe you still believe segwit and lightning will solve the problems? EOS will gain users as this infighting unravels the bitcoin community. Now who uses such a strategy as divide and conquer when trying to eliminate competition? To many blind speculators, not enough truly awake freedom fighters. Which do you want, fiat riches or fiat freedom? The clock is ticking on the next halvening, if fees don't overtake block rewards, who will produce the blocks?

  4. Anyone that calls them selves a computer scientist who is not making computer chip discoveries and research is a fraud. He can touch type at best. AKA receptionist.

  5. Carl Iโ€™ve been following since around the time you started this channel. In all this time Iโ€™ve never heard you talk about the MACD or Bollinger band indicators. Do you not put much weight in those? Is it a matter of preference? Very curious to know your thoughts because I love watching your TA and have learned much from you when doing my own TA.

  6. Summer bull run. We will break 6k before the end of April. Bull run will peak out in July some time a bit over 10k. Take profit at 10k as we dip back to 5-6k from August to October this year. Bull run phase 2 will begin at the end of October this year. Prepare for another epic Christmas bull run.

  7. Carl – I can't quite understand where you compare EMA ribbons for weekly, daily etc and then say it's bullish for the weekly but bearish for the hourly. Are you saying that you should buy or sell either weekly or hourly? To me all I can see is that the market is moving up or down irrespective. Can you explain this on one of your videos, please?

  8. Craig Wright sounds like a bonfied psychopath. All he has do is move the coins from the satoshi wallet. I bet he has a million convoluted reasons why he canโ€™t. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. The SV debacle is indeed interesting. I forsee CW hiring the best hackers to hit back at Binance Exchange within the next months. A $1800 BTC is indeed possible.

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